Sunday, December 2, 2007

In Dublin, Ireland 5.-10.12.2007

I visited Ireland with my wife. Among sightseeing we visited two legal stations: Midlands 103 in Tullamore (103.5 MHz; main office, www). Nice tour given by PC William Faulkner on Thursday!!
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They really have content and talk on Irish local radio. William played only one music title in his show 9.30 - 12.00! I have heard this station many times at my home on FM and William wrote me verification of my receptions on 103.5 and 102.1 (Athlone-local).

Also a short visit to Galway Bay FM, Galway, in westcoast of Ireland (95.8 MHz, www) on Friday. Everybody was buzy at the station because of outside auction-broadcast from city centre.

On Saturday evening I was also lucky to visit AM-pirate Energy Power AM, Dublin!
These guys really have transmitters and knowledge! Many FM-transmitters was all around.
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Big surprise was ex-Century Radio 1143 kHz 1 kW-transmitter (Waiting to have good home!). In the outside cottage there were real classic tx: WKLR's 20 years old 400 W transmitter!! WKLR (West Cork Local Radio, www) used this mid 80's on 1503 kHz (200m). This crystal was still on it's place!
Energy Power was on the air on MW on Saturday just because my visit. Nice surprise! They use unique homemade transistor-AM-transmitter with 330 W. Nice signal even 20 km away!

Weekend Log 8-9.12.2007 - North Dublin, Ireland
94.15 MHz - Rythm FM, Dublin. Weak. 24h weekend with dance.
94.65 MHz - Dance FM, Dublin. Strong with RDS. On air every day 24h.
99.5 MHz - Chance FM, Dublin. Weak. Oldies format from 60's to 80's. Weekend.
101.3 MHz - Club FM, Dublin. Fairly strong. Weekend dance station.

Three of Dublin's four FM-pirate were dance-stations. Dance FM had silent carrier since Saturday evening and went totally off air on Sunday evening!
These signals were picked up in a hotel (2nd floor) near Dublin airport 10 km away from city centre with Sangean ATS-909 and normal whip.

I will put some photos of my visits later!!