Tuesday, December 30, 2008

R. DeeJay Alexandroupolis - R. Amore, Napoli

This week I got two QSL-e-mails, both from great South European historical culture-cities.
Radio DeeJay (www), Aleksandroupolis, Greece confirmed my tentative report. I heard their relay on 93.3 MHz which is located in Orestiada. Listen their very professional jingle (taken from their webpage).

Another nice QSL came from Napoli, South Italy. Radio Amore (www) confirmed my reception of their Napoli-transmitter 105.8 MHz. They told that the station has 12 repeaters around Campania and this tx has 4 kW power.
Very exotic QSLs for the end of 2008!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas-card from Radio Vladimirci, Serbia

In May 2008 I visited a little Serbian FM-station Radio Vladimirci (www)with extreme-DXer Jim Solatie (Espoo, Finland).
I heard this station here in Finland on August 2007 (mp3). When we visited the station, Sandra was on the air (click the photo>).

Now, on Christmas day 2008, I got a nice Xmas-card from this station (see below)!

Vladimirci is broadcasting on FM on 89.6 MHz to a very little Vladimirci-city (only 1.900 people, 20 000 in the whole municipal). According to the photos found from internet this station seems to be very lively and going strong.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Letter and photos from Radio Blu, Monopoli, Italy

I had nice letter and many photos from Filippo Rattile from Radio Blu in Monopoli-city, (Bari-province) South Italy. Here is a complilation of them. They also put my photo to their website.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

QSLs from Italy - now totally 305 stations!

This month I e-mailed reception reports to 35 Italian FM-stations! I got 17 replies back!! All very nice and clear confirmations of my listening. Thanks to all stations who kindly replied!!!
Now I have totally 305 Italian FM-QSLs!!! 225 of them are letters (with stickers etc.) between years 1985-2000 and last 80 QSLs are e-mails from this century.
Here is a list of stations who replied during December 2008. These are mostly from South Italy:

- ARC Rete, Paternopoli (AV) - 99.5 MHz
- Radio Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Andria (BA) - 105.9 MHz (www) - Small religious stations in a little town Andria in Bari-province
- Radio Flor Levante, Terlizzi (BA) - 91.8 MHz (www)
- Radio Blu l'Onda Italiana, Monopoli (BA) - 92.9 MHz (www)
Filippo Rattile from Radio Blu made nice story of me to their web-page and blog. Nice surprise!!
- Radio Argento, Monopoli (BA) - 95.4 MHz. I have heard this station many times.
- Radio One, Bitonto (BA) - 96.3 MHz
- Radio Citta Futura, Bari (BA) - 101.0 MHz (www). Big website.
- Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia (BS) - 98.0 MHz (www)
- Radio Europa Stereo, Lucera (FG) - 99.0 MHz (www)
- Radio Nostalgia Piemonte-reg., Genova (GE) - 94.0 MHz (www)
- Radio Onda Verde, Napoli (NA) - 97.8 MHz (www) My photo is on their page, too (here)
- Quinta Rete, Napoli (NA) - 93.9 MHz www (www)
- Radio Parma, Parma (PR) - 102.0 MHz (www) I mailed them very old clip, from 1983!!!! This seems to be a big tv-station!
- Radio l'Olgiata, Roma (RM) - 96.6 MHz (www) Started 1975 !!!
- Radio Delta, Rovigo (RO) - 103.6 KHz (www) Very big station!
- Rete Uno, Manduria (TA) - 92.1 MHz (www)
- Stella FM, Trissino (VI) - 97.4 MHz (www)

There are more to come... It is great to give a surprise to stations that they have been received in Finland on FM.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Reply from Rado Bubamara, Svrljig, Serbia

Last week I got a nice reply, written in Serbian, from Radio Bubamara (www), from a little town called Svrljig. There are only 7 700 people living in this town (17 000 in the whole municipal) and it is located 30 km NE from a big city Nis.
Radio Bubamara is the first local private radio station established in south east Serbia !!!

It began official broadcasting in 13.May. 1992 and it is owned and operated by Joca & Milos Miladinovic.

I heard this station on 93.5 MHz last summer. Now they have noved to 96.5 MHz. In the reply they wondered the weather conditions bringing their signal up to Finland.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Reply from Radio Toxotis, Giannitsa, North Greece

On Sunday evening 7.12.2008 I sent e-mail to a few Greek FM-radio stations about their signal in Finland! I got one nice reply from Radio Toxotis FM (www) from a little town Giannitsa, from North Greece. There are about 26 000 inhabitants in this city.
The station-owner kindly confirmed my old clip from summer 2000. Here my mp3. This seems to be quite big commercial city-station according to their large web-pages. There is a lot of information.
I think I have heard this same station in mid 1990's under name Radiofonikos stathmos Toxiatis on 96.7 MHz (mp3-clip), but I did not have any comments of this reception from 1994.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Reception reports to Italy

During the first week of December I e-mailed 22 reception reports to Italian FM-stations!! I will write here the results very soon. How many replies I will have? Also I will mail Greeks later.

I bought new receiver: Sony XDR-F1HD

A few weeks ago I bought a new FM-receiver from USA:
Sony XDR-F1HD !!!
This is very good tuner even for experienced FM-DXers. It has good sensitivity, signal separation in tight places, like 0.1 MHz, and it gives good audio. There has been no conditions to test it well, but I suppose this will be n:o 1 tuner in ythe coming summer-Es-skips. Very interesting.
The price is only 80 - 100 USD + post (about 50 USD) + taxes. Total around 100 euros. This model is sold only in US market with digital HD-radio system and 10 khz AM-steps. But it is worth of ever cent !