Sunday, August 6, 2017

New FM-DX-remote receiver in Virolahti, S.E. Finland

I have new remote-controlled FM-DX-receiver (4th) located by the sea in Virolahti, close to Russian border in SouthEast Finland. Russian side is visible over the sea. It is installed after 10 days DX-camp in Poronniemi, Virolahti in June.

Receiver: SDRplay RSP2 (which includs antenna switcher)
Computer start remotedly: PG-11 GSM-relay connected to Nokia 3310 phone
HD: 5 TB harddisk

Antennas 2 x horizontal, no rotator: 
-Fixed stable 8-element H-yagi directed to South East, 140 degrees (Middle East countries)
-Fixed stable 3-element H-yagi directed to , South West 240 degrees  (Spain, BeNeLux)
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I have now 4 remote-controlled FM-DX-receivers
Newest remote-controlled FM-DX-receiver is in Virolahti (nr 4)