Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Radio Noord-Holland 93.9 MHz via auroras

I found one old interesting recording from my archives.
This is from previous solar-maximum period over 10 years ago, from 30.12.1997.

I heard
Radio Noord-Holland (RNH) from Wieringermeer-tx on 93.9 MHz (11.2 kW) via auroras in the Northern sky!
Aurora-reflection gives usually very distorted audio and it is difficult to copy the words.
However, this time audio is clear enough to understand station-id.

Listen my clip:
RNH 93.9 MHz 30.12.1997

Ron Versteeg, senior-reporter RTVNH confirmed my old clip:
It's a promotional jingle about the upcomming program on newyears-eve. Voice is probably of Ron Bakker, a technical engineer who lso is 'the voice' of Radio (and now also, television) Noord- Holland.
Next solar-maximum is coming within next 3-4 years.
Via auroras I have heard usually Scandinavian, Polish and German high-power transmitters.
Sometimes also BBC and Russian. Mostly signals are too distorted, because auroras are moving all the time, but sometimes surprisingly clear, mostly with the highest tx-powers.

My record with aurora-reflection are two Norwegian low-power stations from Oslo,
Topp Radio 106.8 MHz and Radio Nova 107.7 MHz, from 1989-1990 period. Tx-powers on both is only 100 Watt (both also QSL'ed).

This propagation is not interesting anymore because completly free frequency is needed and mostly the same stations are up. RNH and Norwegians were nice exceptions.

(This year, 2010, I have collected 262 FM-QSL's, so far)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ERT Zakynthos 93.2 MHz QSL (nr 242)

Greek national radio ERT's regional station, ERT Zakynthos, replied today with photos and QSL ! Technical director is radioamateur, so he knows what is DXing and Sporadic E :
Αγαπητέ Φίλε
Η αναφορά σας επιβεβαιώνεται (=Your report is confirmed)

Ο Σταθμός μας
Αγαπητέ Φίλε
εκπέμπει στους :
· 927 Khz με ισχύ 50 Kw
· 93.2 MHz FM με ισχύ 10 Kw

· 95.2 Μhz FM με ισχύ 2 Kw

O 93.2 εκπέμπει από την Κορυφή του Αίνου στην Κεφαλονιά

Technical director Rs Zakynthoy

He writes that this transmitter on 93.2 MHz, which I heard, is on the top of the Enos-mountain in the middle of the Kefalonia Island. Power 10 kW. I heard their local station-id last summer.