Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two new remote FM-DX-sites

I have built two new remote-controlled FM-DX-sites. There is a bigger installation in distant Utö-island in SW Finland. Presentation with photos is here: Remote FM-DX-Utö.

The other site is located in Isokyrö, close to Vaasa and Seinäjoki in midWest Finland. It is at my parents home
Photo below (click for bigger view).

The equipment:
- Sony XDR-receiver (black box) controlled by computer with GTK-software
- Climax Digital DTV300 SDR-stick (on the PC-screen on 88.5 MHz) (White stick in the photo)
- Both receivers are connected to 5-element vertical yagi with Triax FM-amplfier (right)
- PC is connected to WLAN (1/1 Mb) with Teamviewer (incl. audio)
- Sony XDR audio is recorded to compter by Audacity