Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reply from Radio Metro, Udine, Italy

Last week I got e-mail from Udine-based Radio Metro (www). It is very big network in N,NE Italy with 20-30 transmitters from Venezia to Padova and Udine. I heard their Padova-relay on 91.1 MHz.

I got this late mail from my mid-December postings. Usually 90 % of stations reply with 1-2 days. After that there is not much expected to have.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quadrantids 2009 Meteor shower - no results

On Saturday 3.1.2009 at 12.50utc there were peak of Quadrantids meteor shower. It was expected to be good enough for short E-skips of European FM-stations.
It was quite good giving quite tense and long signals! Many DX-ers here in Finland identified stations, mainly high-power transmitters from North- and Central-Germany.
I was listening but I got no interesting results.
I tried to hunt new Irish regional networks anround 102 and 105 MHz. This autumn started i102 and i105 in Ireland with quite big transmitters. However, there were no sign of Irish stations. On lower band (above 88 MHz) I noticed BBC several times but that's all.

So, next 5 months will be total silence on FM-DXing. Now there could be some time to listen recrodings from the past years. I still have hours and hours to check...