Friday, February 20, 2009

Radio Sanluchino, Bologna and Discoradio, Caravaggio, Italy

I e-mailed old recording to Radio San Luchino (www) Bologna, Italy. I heard that station in Finland in summer 1991 on 104.7 MHz. In the clip there was a woman giving sms-number to the station (mp3).
At that time I got no reply, but today, the same lady who was talking on that 17 years old clip, replied to me:
"...con emozione confermo che la voce è la mia..mi chiamo Bruna Zamboni e lavoro a Radio Sanluchino da 25 anni.... Complimenti per la tua bella famiglia - cordiali saluti da tutto lo staff di Radio Sanluchino"
So, Bruna Zamboni told she listened that old clip with great emotions because she was talking on it (and she has been working for the station now for 25 years!) !!

It is a great pleasure to mail old clips to the stations because they might bring memories to the staff! The oldest one I just sent was Radio Parma (102.0 MHz, www). They confirmed my recording from 1983 and identified that the speaker on the clip was Platinette (www), who is famous drag-queen today!!

Today, also Discoradio from Caravaggio, North Italy mailed verification. The reception was from summer 2001. Station manager M. Lagonegro tuned my clip.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Radio Potenza Centrale and Radio Globo, Rome

Two replies today from Italy!! Radio Potenza Centrale (www) from Potenza, sent quick confirmation to my mp3-clip. RPC is now big station with large tx-network in South Italy, founded 1973 as a mobile pirate radio broadcasting from a car!!
Potenza-province is quite difficult to hear in Finland.

Another reply came from Rome. Radio Globo (www) is great sounding dance-station with very profesional production. I heard this station on 99.6 MHz several years ago. Direttore artistico, Lucio Scarpa, sent me e-mail wondering my reception. This is very big station sounding excellent (my mp3-clip). Here is a team of The Morning Show:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Radio Omega Sound, Roma, Italia

This week I got a reply from the beautiful city of Rome, Italy!
Radio Omega Sound (www) confirmed my reception.
I heard this station in Utö-island last June and signal was absolutely clear on 91.4 MHz (mp3)!

This is now over 32 years old station!

This week I got also kind replies from Reggio Emilia-area. I have short message from Play Studio Dance Network (www) from Bologna and Radio Centrale (www) from Cesena. Radio Centrale is also 32 years old station. The station owner, who founded the station, replied and confirmed my old clips (mp3 from 1989!) !