Sunday, June 15, 2008

Utö FM-DX-blog to a separate blog!

I moved all Utö FM-DX-data to it's own blog-address

So, everybody can check circumstancies for FM-DXing in Utö island from there - and I can update this FM-blog separately.
We were listening FM in Utö for one week - 7-14.6.2008.
Good site for FM-DX!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Short report from Serbia Tour (17-25.5.2008)

I visited Serbia for one week (17-25.6.2008) with another fanatic DX-er Jim Solatie (from Espoo, Finland).
We visited 19 FM-stations in Central-Serbia and fetched QSLs for ourselves and our DX-friends in Finland. Here is a report of this busy week.

First some basic facts about Serbian radio today:
There have been hundreds of FM-stations broadcasting without license for many years. The things are now chancing. Forexample in Belgr
ade over 10 stations are closed within 2 years.

Serbian broadcasting authority has just published a list a frequencies and new license holders for the whole country. About 2/3 of the stations broadcasting today will be closed down. Forexample only a few frequencies will be given to Pozarevac where even 20 stations are now on the air!!
The MD of Boom 93 (Pozarevac) said that the illegal broadcasters will have heavy penalties.
The owner will get 7000 € and the station separately 15000 € penalty! We will see if they will really raid the stations, especially in the countryside.

A few stations we visited, were already closed down, or will lose license - or they even have to move to new area!! It is supposed that most of the stations without a license will close during a few next months. This means that Serbian FM-radio will be less attractive in the future!
So, this was the last chance to visit many of these stations!

We visited these stations for QSL. I am ashtonised of very kind people everywhere: >Click photos>

Pancevo 18.5: - Radio Safir 89.6 MHz. This station was closed week before! Standing at the door was frustrating experience...
- Radio Ritam 105.4 MHz (not heard, but was in the same building)
- Radio Pancevo 92.1 MHz (We have QSLs but had time to see the station)

Sabac 19.5: - Vikom Radija 91.1 MHz (QSL to JMS, HKU e-mail). This station was closed but we found the mother of the owner from the old address and phoned him! Mother wrote QSL after phonecall and she found us also big old RTV Vikom-stickers!
- Radio AS 103.7 MHz. Quite big station. (QSL to JMS)

Bogatic 19.5: - Radio Nesvil 93.2 MHz (QSL to HKU, PÄ). Real countryside station. The owner found my old C-casette/report. Very poor audio now on their signal.

Vladimirci 19.5 : - Radio Vladimirci 89.6 MHz (Heard by HKU). Small countryside station.

Koceljevo 19.5: - Tim Radio 91.7 MHz (QSL to HKU, JMS e-mail before). The sexiest station ever seen!!
- Radio 5 90.8 MHz (QSL to JMS, MWE)

Valjevo 20.5: - Radio Valjevo 88.6 + 1386 kHz. We were on the air. The chief engineer gave complete tour at the radio-museum. He put old 50 W tx on air for us at the museum!! (QSL to JMS, JUS, MWE, MB)
- Radio Glas Crkve 90.1 /94.7 MHz. Religious. (QSL to JMS, HKU)
- Radio Desetka 91.9 MHz. Station was closed. One sticker was found from the window of their ex-office!

Lazarevac 20.5: - R. Kiss 87.6 MHz (JMS had e-mail-QSL before and his photo was on the wall!!). Pro station for younger people with nice jingles!
- Radio Lazarevac 89.3 MHz . We were interviewed to the programme (QSL to HKU).

Smederevo 21.5: - Radio Smederevo 96.1 MHz. We were on the air live and Lordi + Teräsbetoni was played!! (QSL to JMS)
- Radio S 97.9 MHz. This station was closed. Nothing found...

Pozarevac 21.5:
- X Radio 100.5 MHz. They made CD for us!! (QSL to HKU,JMS,JJS)
- Boom 93 93.4 MHz, The most pro station we saw! (QSL to HKU, JMS, JJS)

Belgrade 21.5: Beograd 202 104.0 MHz/national. We were on the air live nationwide on Wed evening with DJ Alek. (QSL JMS)

Jim's family arrived to Belgrade so I visited 3 stations alone on 22.5.
Grocka 22.5: - X Radio 90.4 MHz . I got nice photo-album! (QSL to HKU, JJS)

Belgrade 22.5: - MIP Radio 93.7 MHz. Owned by big Partizan foot-/basketball team. They gave me complete tour and jersey with my name!!! Great !!!! (QSL to HKU)

- Radio S 104.7 MHz. Very big national station!!! (QSL to HKU, JMS, MB, MWE)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Utö FM-DX-pedition 7-14.6.2008

We are listening FM in Utö-island (map) for one week. Listeners are Harri Kujala (HKU, from Naantali), Jukka Soini (JJS, from Kurikka) and Jussi Suokas (JUS, from Joensuu).
We have four H- and V-antennas (4 x 8 el. yagi) with amplifiers.

QTH is nice cottage (own kitchen, WC, bedrooms) close the sea with open view to S and SW.
The cost of this is 100 € / night. Seems to be good place for FM-DXing.

We leave antenna towers here, so it is easier to come again - or anybody else. CLICK THE PHOTO >>>

LOG Sat 7.6.2008 (Times utc)
Short opening to Italy, about 15 minutes going up and down

88.4 MHz - Radio Cuore with local ad to Pisa-area but this is supposed to be MO-tx. 08.58-
90.15 MHz - Radio Zeta, Caravaggio, Italy. Never heard befpor on this frg / 87.5 MHz. 09.00-

NICE OPENING TO SOUTH ITALY from 16.40 to 19.00 UTC.

A few highlights ! Red= First time in Finland:

89.3 MHz - Radio Day,
Frosinone, Italy. Possibly Rome-tx. 1642-
90.6 MHz - Radio Celje, Celje, Slovenia. 1648-
91.4 MHz - Radio Omega Sound, Rome. 18.02-
100.0 MHz - Radio Play Capital, Chieti province. New network owned by Delta Uno. 16.59-
100.5 MHz - Idea Radio Alternativa, Latiano (BR). 17.30-