Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday 17.8.2008: Opening to Middle-Italy

August 2008 has been better than expected. This Sunday we had first some Serbia/Kosovo-signals and then opening to Rome, Perugia and around! Quite strong and stabile signals for some time.
I have underlined the stations which are heard first time in Finland. Among these logged stations I observed a lot of network-stations (Kiss Kiss, 105, Cuore, Cuore 2, RDS etc.)

Log Sunday 17.8.2008 (Times UTC)
87.5 MHz - Radio Zeta,Caravaggio (BG), Italy. 13.45-
88.4 MHz - Radio Prizren, Prizren, Kosovo. Once again! 10.40-
88.4 MHz - Radio Company, Benevento
, Italy - tentatively. Quite often here. 14.37-
88.8 MHz - Radio 19, Genova (GE), Italy. Nice surprise!!! 13.21-
90.1 MHz - Radio Onda Blu, Arezzo (AR), Italy. 11.21-
90.2 MHz - Radio K4, Kosovo "24 h a day. This is K4 (KFOR)". 10.54-
90.7 MHz - Tele R Stereo 2, Roma, Italy.
91.7 MHz - Radio Venere, Corsano (LE). Parabita (LE)-tx, Italy. 14.47-
92.2 MHz - RVT - Radio Val Tiberina, Sansepolcro (AR) , Italy. With RDS "Errevuti". 10.55-
92.2 MHz - Umbria Radio, Perugia (PG) , Italy. Pushed over RVT for ID!! 11.03-
92.2 MHz - Radio Siena, Siena, Italy. 12.12-
92.4 MHz - Radio Max Energy, Perugia (PG), Italy. 11.11-
93.4 MHz - Boom 934, Pozarevac, Serbia with hit-list programme. I visited this station in May. Professional station! 10.41-
93.6 MHz - Radio Gong, Jagodina, Serbia. "Gong marketing".10.44-
95.5 MHz - Radio Gruza, Gruza, Serbia. I arrived to silent carrier - then suddenly ID after 5 sec silence. 11.05-
96.6 MHz - Radio l'Olgiata, Roma (RM), Italy 11.00-

Thursday, August 14, 2008

14.8.2008: Istanbul FM-stations audible in Finland!

Istanbul FM-stations were audible in South Finland with strong RDS-stereo-signals for 2-3 hours. The band was full of Turkish-stations up to 108 MHz after midday UTC!
However, here in SW Finland the opening was not as good as around Helsinki. Signals were mostly weak over 101 MHz here.
There are even 103 legal FM-stations in Istanbul (listed here) !!!

One "funny" thing was that I identified all 3 Istanbul "Powers" around 100 MHz: Power Türk 99.8, Power FM 100.0 MHz and Power XL on 100.2 MHz !!!
Also Italians and some other counties were shortly up before Turkey.
I drove from work to listen for some time, but nothing exceptionally interesting was not heard by me (I mean stations "never-heard-before in Finland").

Very interesting and surprising condition in August, not expected!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12 and 13.8 Italian FM-stations

On Tuesday evening 12.8 and Wednesday 13.8 afternoon Southern Italy was open to South Finland. I missed the 13.8 at work. A lot of networks were id'ed here.

Log Tuesday 12.8.2008 (Rome and Napoli; mostly weak signals)

87.6 MHz - RAI Radio Uno, Roma. Also usual Rome-stations were up on lower band , like Nuova Spazio 88.1 and Radio Classica 89.5 etc. but I have heard them many times. 17.38-
91.4 MHz - UNID with spots to Salerno. Perhaps Radio MPA, Salerno?? 18.22-
97.3 MHz - Radio Ibiza, Napoli (NA). 17.53-
99.8 MHz - Radio Cuore, Rome-transmitter. 17.56-

I missed the Italian stations at work on 13.8.2008. It was better opening, but not good one.

Monday, August 11, 2008

10.8.2008: FM-opening to France

Finally after almost 6 weeks of silence we got fair 50 minutes opening to middle-east France. The conditions area was from Lyon to NE and SW. I identified a few new stations, some never heard in Finland before (underlined):

88.2 MHz - R.C.F. Aube, Troyes (10) with provincial programme "Le Téléphone du dimanche". A lot of live callings. 09.35-
88.4 MHz - R.C.F. Lyon (69) with same programme as Aube but clearly for Lyon area. 10.04-
89.4 MHz - Virgin Radio, Roanne (42). Local programme. Virgin is ex-Europe 2. 09.29-
90.7 MHz - Fun Radio Bourgogne, Dijon (21).
92.2 MHz - R Cactus, Semur en Brionnais (71). Also with RDS. 09.28-
95.4 MHz - Fréquence Plus, Dijon (21). I tried other Dijon-stations from upper band but no luck. 09.48-
96.9 MHz - Radio Espace, Lyon (69). Clear "Ess-passs"-jingle understood after many rewindings. 10.11-
99.0 MHz - France Bleu Périgord (24). Luckily with local programme at Sunday midday. 10.09-
102.6 MHz - France Bleu sud Lorraine, Nancy (54).
104.4 MHz - RBA Auvergne-Limousin (19). Nice to hear clear local commercial stations from France. 09.58-

Also I identified many NRJ, Cherie,Skyrock etc. but I hunt only local stations.

This FM-season 2008 is almost over. With a big luck we might have something...