Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12 and 13.8 Italian FM-stations

On Tuesday evening 12.8 and Wednesday 13.8 afternoon Southern Italy was open to South Finland. I missed the 13.8 at work. A lot of networks were id'ed here.

Log Tuesday 12.8.2008 (Rome and Napoli; mostly weak signals)

87.6 MHz - RAI Radio Uno, Roma. Also usual Rome-stations were up on lower band , like Nuova Spazio 88.1 and Radio Classica 89.5 etc. but I have heard them many times. 17.38-
91.4 MHz - UNID with spots to Salerno. Perhaps Radio MPA, Salerno?? 18.22-
97.3 MHz - Radio Ibiza, Napoli (NA). 17.53-
99.8 MHz - Radio Cuore, Rome-transmitter. 17.56-

I missed the Italian stations at work on 13.8.2008. It was better opening, but not good one.


Gianni said...

Hello from Italy,exactly is Radio MPA 91.4 trasmitter from Postiglione-Monte Zonzo (SA)
best regards

Anonymous said...

I sent mp3-clip to this station but they have not replied!