Thursday, August 14, 2008

14.8.2008: Istanbul FM-stations audible in Finland!

Istanbul FM-stations were audible in South Finland with strong RDS-stereo-signals for 2-3 hours. The band was full of Turkish-stations up to 108 MHz after midday UTC!
However, here in SW Finland the opening was not as good as around Helsinki. Signals were mostly weak over 101 MHz here.
There are even 103 legal FM-stations in Istanbul (listed here) !!!

One "funny" thing was that I identified all 3 Istanbul "Powers" around 100 MHz: Power Türk 99.8, Power FM 100.0 MHz and Power XL on 100.2 MHz !!!
Also Italians and some other counties were shortly up before Turkey.
I drove from work to listen for some time, but nothing exceptionally interesting was not heard by me (I mean stations "never-heard-before in Finland").

Very interesting and surprising condition in August, not expected!

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