Thursday, December 18, 2008

QSLs from Italy - now totally 305 stations!

This month I e-mailed reception reports to 35 Italian FM-stations! I got 17 replies back!! All very nice and clear confirmations of my listening. Thanks to all stations who kindly replied!!!
Now I have totally 305 Italian FM-QSLs!!! 225 of them are letters (with stickers etc.) between years 1985-2000 and last 80 QSLs are e-mails from this century.
Here is a list of stations who replied during December 2008. These are mostly from South Italy:

- ARC Rete, Paternopoli (AV) - 99.5 MHz
- Radio Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Andria (BA) - 105.9 MHz (www) - Small religious stations in a little town Andria in Bari-province
- Radio Flor Levante, Terlizzi (BA) - 91.8 MHz (www)
- Radio Blu l'Onda Italiana, Monopoli (BA) - 92.9 MHz (www)
Filippo Rattile from Radio Blu made nice story of me to their web-page and blog. Nice surprise!!
- Radio Argento, Monopoli (BA) - 95.4 MHz. I have heard this station many times.
- Radio One, Bitonto (BA) - 96.3 MHz
- Radio Citta Futura, Bari (BA) - 101.0 MHz (www). Big website.
- Radio Onda d'Urto, Brescia (BS) - 98.0 MHz (www)
- Radio Europa Stereo, Lucera (FG) - 99.0 MHz (www)
- Radio Nostalgia Piemonte-reg., Genova (GE) - 94.0 MHz (www)
- Radio Onda Verde, Napoli (NA) - 97.8 MHz (www) My photo is on their page, too (here)
- Quinta Rete, Napoli (NA) - 93.9 MHz www (www)
- Radio Parma, Parma (PR) - 102.0 MHz (www) I mailed them very old clip, from 1983!!!! This seems to be a big tv-station!
- Radio l'Olgiata, Roma (RM) - 96.6 MHz (www) Started 1975 !!!
- Radio Delta, Rovigo (RO) - 103.6 KHz (www) Very big station!
- Rete Uno, Manduria (TA) - 92.1 MHz (www)
- Stella FM, Trissino (VI) - 97.4 MHz (www)

There are more to come... It is great to give a surprise to stations that they have been received in Finland on FM.

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