Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas-card from Radio Vladimirci, Serbia

In May 2008 I visited a little Serbian FM-station Radio Vladimirci (www)with extreme-DXer Jim Solatie (Espoo, Finland).
I heard this station here in Finland on August 2007 (mp3). When we visited the station, Sandra was on the air (click the photo>).

Now, on Christmas day 2008, I got a nice Xmas-card from this station (see below)!

Vladimirci is broadcasting on FM on 89.6 MHz to a very little Vladimirci-city (only 1.900 people, 20 000 in the whole municipal). According to the photos found from internet this station seems to be very lively and going strong.


Goran said...

do you like it : ?

Harri Kujala said...

No, I would rather take a QSL. I do not have confirmation of my reception of this station.
- harri -