Saturday, July 28, 2007

Telephone calling to Serbia, Radio Puls (Despotovac)

On Saturday 23rd June 2007 I heard Serbian FM-station on 91.1 MHz. I heard commercial spot of "Cafe-Pizzeria Fontana" in Despotovac-city and another spot to Kragujevac (mp3 of my reception).
Radio Puls (www) operates on this frequency in Despotovac, Serbia.

A few days after listening I found Radio Puls' webpage and I phoned to this station and tried to get audio-QSL-verification via phone. There were nobody talking English, but I think the lady understands what is going on and gives me confirmation. She says "Yes" to my clear question!

I recorded this telephone calling (length 1 min 30sec, size 1,3Mb). Listen

I have phoned to a few Balkan FM-stations and gave them a surprise like this (smaller exotic stations)! Only a few of those people there talks English! Perhaps it is not fun for them, but for me it is. (Naturally I use Skype which gives only a few cents/minute costs).

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