Friday, March 19, 2010

Replies from RTV Zenica, Bosnia

On Thursday 18th March I got nice messages from RTV Zenica (Zenica-city), 50 km NW from Sarajevo, Bosnia. I sent them a clip of Radio Zenica's signal which I received here in Finland on summer 2006 on 95.6 MHz. Signal was very strong and clear (mp3 here later).
Station engineer Ibrahim Avdic wrote that this transmitter is in Bugojno-city, 778 Watts ERP. The station has also 3 other FM-tx's in the region. They have also own regional TV-station in operation (Channel 41 UHF).

I got also confirming message from programme manager, Sanja Stevic:
"Postovani, da to jeste iz naseg programa, jer prepoznajem glas naseg voditelja Edina Sinanovica. Vec smo imali takvih informacija o tome da su ljudi mogli u nekim okolnostima na radiju slusati nas program. Drago mi je da je tako i hvala vam sto ste nam se javili. Hvala na javljanju, javite se opet! S postovanjem - Sanja Stevic".

She wrote that it was clearly their station which I heard as she recognized the voice of Edina Sinanovica, one of their presenters.
RTV Zenica has very informative web-page with a lot of beautiful pictures of Zenica. It seems that they have had very cold winter in Bosnia (as you can see even from the header on the front page)!! Zenica is the 4th biggest city in Bosnia ( 127 ooo people) .

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