Sunday, October 10, 2010

192 FM-QSLs this year! / Nice tropo 9.10.2010 !

I have not had time to update this blog since mid-summer. There were so big FM-openings and it took all time to check the recordings! And now I am in the mood of reporting and QSL-hunting!
So far I have collected 192 QSL-replies this year!!
From now on I will inform here what do I got during the end of this year.

This weekend we had nice tropo opening towards Poland and South Sweden. A few new stations were heard by my on Saturday
9.October 2010.

Here the best receptions: (times UTC) - Underlined first time in Finland

87.8 MHz - SWEDEN: R Treby, Vara. 200 W vertical. "Det här är R Treby, 87.8" -05.40-
87.8 MHz - SWEDEN: Mix Megapol Östergötland 106.9. Åtvidaberg-tx. Listed to be only 20 Watts on very high tower !! Fighting with Treby. -05.30-
90.8 MHz - SWEDEN: R Falköping. 300 W vertical. Jingel ID after 30 min nonstop. Later px. - 05.40-
100.9 MHz - SWEDEN: East FM, Norrköping. - 11.07-
102.9 MHz - POLAND: RMF FM Maxx, Lebork-tx. 1 kW vertical. - 13.25- 710 km
103.1 MHz - SWEDEN: GNF 103,1/ K103, Göteborg. "K103 is the station you are listening right now". 700 W vertical. - 10.50- 650 km
105.7 MHz - DENMARK: R ABC, Randers. Langå-tx, 1 kW vertical. This was the best catch today. The first small private station from Denmark with tropo in Finland on FM!! - 08.58- 840 km

Also a lot of Polish Polskie Radio, Radio Zet and RMF FM trasnmitters from North Poland from Gdynia to Kozalin and Slupsk. Strong signals with RDS! Naturally Danmarks Radio was audible on 96.5 etc. and many MixMegapol and RIX FM regional relays from Southern Sweden (Halmstad, Norrköping, Göteborg etc).

Here is a Hepburn tropomap-forecast for Saturday 9.10.2010. That fits perfectly what we did got (Click for better view):

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