Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tue-Wed 26-27.7.2011 - Italy and UK links

On Tuesday 26.7.2011 Southern Italy opening was up - mostly to Rome, later to Emilia Romagna-area again.
Several new Rome-stations were audible even above 100 MHz. Radio San Marino also gave id on 102.7, long time since last time to hear that station, also Vatican Live on 105.2 MHz.

On Wednesday 27.7.2011 not much time to listen, but this was not a good day anyway. In the evening several Greeks (ERA-freq's) and Italian stations were up (Radio Alfa from MN on 88.8 MHz).

British 6 mb-STL-links id'ed first time
I got a new antenna for 6 meters amateur radio band (5 elements yagi to 45-55 MHz). It is made by OH1ZAA (Zaba), wellknown radioamateur from Pori, Finland.
The antenna works very well !!! I heard my first low power STL-links (=Studio-transmitter-links) from UK. My receiver is Realistic Pro 2006 (It is OK, and cheap as 2nd hand, but a nightmare to use).
Some 6 mb-loggings from 27.7.2011
48.425 - 1821- G: UNID from England. No id heard.
52.750 - 2021 - G: Bridge FM, Dundee, Scotland. Hosbital station in Dundee. Quite big signal! Still 5 Watts only?
52.925 - 1823 - G: Trust AM, Nottinghamshire.

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