Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pirate memories 1988 from Ireland

80's was the golden decade of pirate broadcasting in Ireland. I was also lucky to receive many Irish big and small pirates on Medium Wave and FM. I have a reply from 20-30 Irish pirates.
Summer 1988 was good on FM-DXing. I heard many Irish FM-pirates here in Finland via Sporadic E-skip!
Many years back I made an audio-mix of the ID's and jingles of these stations - and now I made a little movie, too.

There is a slide-show with jingles and ID's.
These are the stations in order of appearance: Treble TR, Capitol Radio, Super Q, CAU FM, KISS FM (Monaghan), BIG M, Liberty 104, ErneSide Radio, Radio West, Radio Vera, Radio Nova (Unfortunately I did not get good ID or jingle from Sunshine 101 and many others).
You can see and hear this Irish-Mix-1988 as WMV (2,5 Mb) here.


Anonymous said...

Great slideshow and audio from 1988. For the record ERI from Cork was on 97.7MHz in 1988. The car sticker shown gives an old FM frequency 102 (they changed frequency a few times over the years it was on). I'm told the DJ's name (ERI clip) is Mark Edwards.

Harri Kujala said...

Ok. Nice to know. Thanks for the comments!