Saturday, September 8, 2007

E-mails from France and UK

Last week I got two e-mail-QSLs from European FM-stations:
The first e-mail was from Radio Bonheur, Pleneuf val Andre, North France.
Mr. Dominique Le Boudec wrote me:
"Je vous confirme qu'il s'agit bien de Radio Bonheur que vous avez capté!"
Radio Bonheur plays 100% French music. This station is located in North France beside the sea and they have 3 transmitters. I heard this station on 90.1 MHz where they have only 50 W transmitter (www)! My

The other e-mail came from South England. Original 106, Southampton (www) confirmed my mp3-clip!
News editor Rachel Tregenza wrote me: "Yes, this is our station, and it’s me reading the news! How very interesting that you managed to pick up the signal in Finland! Thank you for you interest,"
Later I had also mail from Karen Woods with compliments of my reception in Finland.

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