Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reply from London pirate, Kool FM 94.6

On 29th of August I had e-mail from London pirate station, Kool FM 94.6!! What a nice surprise!

DJ Bluesy from Kool confirmed that the station which I heard on 94.6 was them:
"Hello, yes I can confirm that was us in the audio clip, I was very amazed by whats happened. Very impressed!!! We are currently running just on a 150 watt transmitter. We are going back to 300 very soon. Thanks again!".

Kool FM (www) is one of the oldest pirates in London. It started 1991 and celebrated 15th birthday on 1.12.2006! Incredible ! Kool FM's (like many other's in London) music format is unique in FM-radio broadcasting worldwide: "Hardcore Jungle Drum and Bass" (DnB). For non-experts it sounds like fast talk-singing over drums and bass in the background. Here a sample of Kool from YouTube!!

And here Kool FM on TV documentary.

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