Wednesday, August 8, 2007

FM-openings to Italy

During the whole day on Wednesday 8th of August was Italian FM-stations coming up and down. I was not able to listen because of being at work for preparing new morning show to our radio station, starting next week. I was reported that FM-stations from Rome were up for some time.
Later in the evening Italian stations were audible, first two minutes up, then 10 minutes silence.... frustrating...

LOG Wed 8.8.2007 (Times UTC)
  • 88.8 MHz - Virgin Radio. This is new network in Italy, ex-Play Radio - 18.42-
  • 89.3 MHz - "Radio Nord Italia presenta, Fantastica News". Strange ID, but I think this is R. Fantastica, Torino with regional news - 1732- mp3
  • 89.6 MHz - Gamma Radio Pavia (PV), Italy. "Le 100 canzioni piu belle di tutti i tempi" and jingle: "Gamma Radio Top 100". Very interesting pronounce: "David Bowie, Heroes" for the end - 17.58- mp3

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