Sunday, August 19, 2007

Signals from Corsica, S-France and Italy

On Saturday evening there were weak signals coming from North Italy and Southern France. The most interesting catch was Corsica!!! It is very rare here!

LOG Sat 18.8.2007 (Times UTC)
  • 88.1 MHz - Radio SuperHit, Milano, Italy (www) - 16.21- mp3
  • 88.7 MHz - Fréquence Jazz, Bastia-transmitter, Corsica (20)! There is clear station identification here: "Fréquence Jazz, Bastia, 88.7". However this can be network programme (www) - 17.00- mp3
  • 88.8 MHz - Radio Maria, Italy from it's Milano-transmitter. Fades out quickly. This is a religious station (www) - 16.40- mp3
  • 88.9 MHz - Radio Sainte Baume, Saint-Maximin (83), France. This is old local station located 40 km NE from Marseille (www). (There is hard interference coming from Radio Majakka (were I work) from 89.0 MHz) - 16.18- mp3

A few other networks were also audible. I will take e-mail contact to these French stations to have confirmation of my listening. On Friday 17.8.2007 there were good opening to Italy on FM but I was at work.

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