Friday, August 17, 2007

Contact from Croatia

On 16th of August I had unique contact from Croatia.
Mr. Damir Totman from RadioComm Co (www) asked me if I have received the transmitters which they have installed.
His company gives full installation and maintenance service for FM-radio stations.
The transmitters he mentioned were Radio Trsat on 87.6 (20 kW), Narodni Radio on 101.9 MHz (20 kW) and Otvoreni Radio on 103.6 MHz (30 kW).
I have not made any loggings of these transmitters although it is possible I have heard them. Narodni and Otvoreni I have heard on different frequencies first time almost 10 years ago.
However, all these mentioned transmitters have been heard in Finland with good signals during last two years, in Helsinki and Tampere.

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