Sunday, July 6, 2008

A few e-mail-FM-QSLs!

I have not sent so much messages to the stations of their signal in Finland, but I got a some QSLs for my few reports:

- Russkoje Radio Kaliningrad - 96.3 MHz. DJ Daddy confirmed my mp3-clip in Russian langauge e-mail. Kaliningrad is my 47th QSLed FM-country (Tnx JUS for e-mail)! mp3
- Hit FM, Gdansk, Poland - 94.6 MHz. I had nice e-mail from Marta Uzarska. She is a morning presenter at the station. On Sunday morning I heard her clip from the past week. mp3

- Radio Europa Stereo, Lucera (FG), Italy - 99.0 MHz. This is a small station in Foggia-province in south Italy, in Lucera. I got short confirming e-mail wit only two rows.

- Radyo Onbes, Istanbul, Turkey - 101.2 MHz. Short e-mail in Turkish. I also wrote them in Turkish. They knew about this FM-"signal-path" to other countries! Listen the excellent reception (ID in the end): mp3

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