Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wed 25.6.2008 Weak and wide European FM-opening

This June has been very poor for Sporadic E, perhaps the worst ever. I was away from home (not a chance to DX) for two weekends etc., but there were no conditions!! The FM-band was empty between 8.6-24.6.2008!!! This has usually been the best time for the Sporadic E-skips, but this year nothing!
On 26.6.2008 I heard several stations widely accross Europe. Weak and short skips!!

LOG Wednesday 25.6.2008 (Weak signals from all over Europe)
87.5 MHz - Lynx FM, London's pirate. Audible again! Also pirate-signals on 90.8 and 92.2 MHz. No iDs unfortunately. Only short skip to UK today (MUF 96.6 MHz Plymouth Sound). 08.26-
88.3 MHz - Radio Classique
,Paris, France. 07-59-
88.3 MHz - Radio Virgin, Italy. 08.16-
90.2 MHz - Radi Kiss Delta, Mladá Boleslav-tx, Czech. 05.40-
90.3 MHz - Radio Ena, Sežana-tx, Slovenia. 05.44-
91.0 MHz - Omroep Brabant, Holland. Nice jingle. 08.03-
96.9 MHz - Radio Studio 7, Trento (TN), Italy. First time in Finland! 05.56-

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