Saturday, July 5, 2008

Opening to Romania on 28.5.2008

The first good Sporadic E-opening for me was on the 28.5.2008.
There were strong signals from Romania and Bulgaria here in southwest Finland. Here some of the obeserved stations:

LOG Wednesday 28.5.2008 (Romania, Bulgaria, strong signals, UTC. Underlined are identified first time in Finland!)

88.4 MHz - R Trinitas, Romania. Nationwide religious station. 16.08-
92.8 MHz - Radyo Tempo, Bursa,Turkey. FMLIST gives location Bursa for this. 17.09-
92.9 MHz - C FM, Constanta, Romania. Ids in English!!! 17.40-
95.4 MHz - Radio Favorit, Beius, Romania. 1722-
95.5 MHz - Vocea Sperantei, Romania. Bacau-tx. Another religious. There is even 3rd one! 16.52-
97.3 MHz - Radio Veronika, Sofia, Bulgaria. 16.56-

100.6 MHz - Itsy Bitsy FM, Bucuresti, Romania. Bacau-tx. Channel for children. Very rare!16.48-
101.2 MHz - Radyo Onbes, Istanbul. Many Onbes-tx's on this frq. In July I got e-mail QSL from this station !! 17.55- mp3

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