Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday 24.5.2011 - Weak signals

Once again May-evening opening. Not strong signals but some new catches for me. This evenings's highlight was Marseille-opening, but unfortunately nothing new from there.

LOG Tue 24.5.2011
(rarely signals around Europe. mostly weak and mostly Italians)
87.900 -1702- F: R Maritima, Marseille (13). Long time with strong signal. but no sign of other Marseille-stations, only 90.0 Skyrock Sud (supposed) was audible well but with no local content.
88.400 -1730- F: LFM, Lausanne.
88.700 -1520- HRV: R Nasice, Nasice.
88.900 -1532- BIH: Ljubic R, Prnjavor.
89.400 -1546- I: R Centrale, Montorio al Vomano (TE). Up twice.
90.000 -1526- I: R Torino International, Torino (TO). Romanian language station in Torino!!! Big surprise to hear Romanian and Italian spots in a row. ID in Romanian and Italian.
90.200 -1537- HRV: R Vallis Aurea, Pozega. Rolling RDS-PS was corrubted for long period but finally audio-id released.
95.700 -1613- I: R Voghera (PV). Up 10 minutes. Also I identified old familiar stations: Radio Zeta 102.8, Gamma Pavia 89.6, Radio Milano 89.6, Radio Amica 88.4 , Radio Veronica 93.6, Radio Fantastica 89.3.

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