Monday, May 23, 2011

First opening 21.5.2011: France, Germany, Balkan

This season's first opening was very good, on Saturday, mainly to France. In the first place I hunt new stations for me, or never-heard-before-in Finland ( + = in the log). That makes this more interesting, to have challencies.
The interesting point of this day was that I idenfied 6 different French private stations on 88.8 !!! (Of course dozens of TDF-Radio France transmitters were audible around the band and I identified many Virgin, NRJ, Nostalgie etc. networks with no local content).

LOG 21.5.2011 (mainly France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Balkan)
87.800 -1110- I: R Voce nel Deserto, Rovigo (RO). Blind-recording.
87.800 -0926- F: R Star, Montbeliard (25). Blind-recording with rx n:o 5. First SWR Baden-W, then France Bleu Bourgogne and finally this as new station.
88.000 -1800- GRC: ERA NET 105,8, Thessaloniki. The only identified on Sunday 22.5. Popped up from noise for 1-2 minute skip. Only stn on the band.
-1140- D: R Galaxy. Kempten-tx. Network px.
88.100 -1141- D: Hitradio RT 1, Dillingen. Only words "RT Eins" heard over Galaxy!

88.100 -0738- SRB: R Dedal, Grocka. I visited this city (and X Radio, now closed) exactly 3 years ago.
88.200 -1140- D: RSA,Oberallgau. Only RDS, no talk.

88.300 -1137- CZE: R.Egrensis, Cheb. Kiss Hady from Czech in the morning on this frq.
+ F: R Campus, Orléans (45).
-0752- BIH: R Slobomir, Bijeljina. Id: "Slobomir FM". I've heard this tx befo
re under name Radio Step.

-1130- D: Rock Antenne, Ismaning. Slightly over noise for long time. Strange skip.
88.800 -1023- F: Magic FM, La Souterraine (23). GOOD OPENING TO FRAN
CE. I identified 6 stations on 88.8 MHz: Magic FM (23), Virgin R (51), Mega FM (45), MFM (44), Alouette (79) and finally Evasion FM (77) twice. All heard before...
89.200 -1043- F: R Plus, Etampes (91). Unreal moment: I turn receiver to 89.4 and I see "PLUS FM"-rds (Blois, 41, heard before). I turn immedeately to 89.2 MHZ where I can id another Plus, Radio Plus!
90.200 -1032- F: VAG FM, Artenay (45). No reply from this station before. 21.5.
91.300 0949- F: R Dreyeckland, Selestat (67).
91.600 -1047- + F: Chérie FM Centre-val de Loire, Saint Avertin (Tours). Long local-id. On 95.7:lla I saw Chérie FM Nancyn local rds: "RDS 95,7".
92.800 1008- F: R Bresse, Le Bourg (71). RDS-level. Replied with letter + CD etc last winter. Thanks!!
94.500 -0912- F: Triage FM, Migennes (89).

95.400 -1040- + F: EvryOne, Evry (91). RDS- ("EvryOne" small letters) + audio-id.
95.600 0925- SUI: Yes FM, Geneve. Ex-Lac FM.
95.800 1038- F: 77FM, Meaux (77).

97.700 -0915- F: R Nohain, Nevers (58).
106.000 -0937- F: Sud Radio, Toulouse. Bordeaux-tx (33).

107.600 -0936- + SUI: RTN, Marin. French lang station. Nice surprise from upper band which I checked only 2-3 times.

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