Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wed 25.5.2011 - Rhodos, Samos, Istanbul

Wednesday evening 25.5 gave again weak but interesting signals - now from Turkey and far away Greece, Samos and Rhodos (very rare here). += first time in Finland.

Log Wed 25.5.2011
87.900 -1629- I: Love FM, Bari (BA). This network is spreading.
88.000 -1635- + GRC: R Ena, Rhodos. Fading in and out for long period but luckly came up for id. Very nice surprise.
88.000 -1630- GRC: R 34, Istanbul. Big and dramatic Burasi-id.
89.400 -1607- TUR: R Damar, Istanbul. Ex-Yasam.
90.200 -1605- TUR: R Turkuvaz, Istanbul. The only one with RDS.91.700 -1625- + TUR: Aktif FM, Aliaga (Ege). Giving id as "Aktif Radyo" (2x). Distance to Izmir only 40 km. After two minutes ERA Net Samos-tx came up.
95.600 -1621- GRC: Tentative: Anemos FM, Samos. Supermarket-ad to Karlovasi in Samos.

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