Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sat 25.6.2011 - Short Turkey, Ukraina - 15 W RSL-reply!

This season has been very poor so far. Only one good opening (and I missed it)!! Also not good conditions in Utö-pedition.
Today there were tiny opening to Samsun-city in North Turkey. Unfortunately only lower-band signals. No MUF above 94 MHz. Also some Ukrainan stations shortly.

LOG Sat 25.6.2011

88.000 -0819- UKR: R Dacha. Simferopol-tx.
88.400 -0806- TUR: Fistik FM, Samsun. Very long commercial-break!!
88.800 -0805- TUR: Metro FM, Istanbul. Samsun-tx. Rolling RDS: "METRO FM" "SAMSUN".
89.500 -0821- UKR: R Sharmanka. Gave tel for advertisers.
93.900 -0805- TUR: TRT. "Reklamar"-jingle revealed this to be TRT.

New Low-power-record - 15 Watts
In Utö I received British low-power RSL-station (on the air only for one month!) and I got a reply!
Ultra Radio from Morpeth (NE England, near Newcastle) on 87.7 MHz verified my mp3-clip.
They told their brodcasting power is only 15 Watts !! That is my new record! (Previous record was 25 Watts, Ruthland Radio 97.4 MHz).

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