Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fri 3.6.2011 - Italy, weak France

We are waiting fro the BIG BANG-opening - not seen yet this summer!! Moderate cond-days continued on Tuesday. Strong signals to Italy in the morning, very weak to France in the evening.

Log Fri 3.6.2011
88.000 -1744- F: RCF Vendée, La-Roche-sur -Yon (85). "Vous écoutez sur RCF Vendée dans émission Grande de Sambles...". Local-id just during that minute when it was up. Weak signals from Bretagne for 45 minutes. Short peaks.
88.200 - 1723- F: Radio Caroline, Pontivy-tx (56). Chérie FM 90.8 and FUN 94.1 from this same city.
88.300 - 1723- F: MFM. Also on 88.8.
89.300 -0620- HRV: Novi Radio, Zadar. 3rd time this summer!
91.100 -0711- I: R Cinque, UNID-QTH. "Radio Cinque, radio a cinque stelle". What is this station. NEW?91.900 - 0705- I: Radio Parsifal, Pescara (also 99.5 tent.)
-0655- I: R Marte, Napoli (NA). The only new for today.
97.300 -0652- I: Antenna Adriatica, Termoli (BA). RDS-id and spots.

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