Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tue 28.6.2011 - Jordania, Lebanon etc - New RSL!

Tuesday afternoon and evening was very extraordinary. Middle-East is very rare to receive here in SW Finland (more common in East Finland!) but on this day I heard Jordania Main Programme with RDS on 95.8 MHz !! Also Lebanese stations were strong on several frequencies! Great!
After arabs conds moved over Europe giving occasional signals from Romania, Bulgaria, Czech, Moldova and Austria - not big signals, short-timed and scattered.

Finally the clouds moved to UK-position, not high MUF but for some moments around 97 MHz.
The highlight was RSL-station Pride Radio from Newcastle on 87.9 MHz !! This is 30 days station for Gay Pride Festivals! So, the power of this station is around 10-20 Watts only!
Also many London pirates were audible: Impact FM 87.5 MHz (from South Coast of England) and tentatively 87.9 MHz (Shine), 89.6 MHz (Klick?) and 90.8 MHz (Lightning?). These were audible for the longest time. Tapes not cheked yet.
Also several Benelux-frequencies were open but unfortunately no pirates from Holland!!

Some Loggings Tue 28.6.2011
87.500 - 1038- G: Impact FM 87,5 Mhz, Southern Counties. From Southern England (Surrey, Sussex, South Coast).
87.900 -1051- + G: Pride Radio, Newcastle. Gay Pride Festival Radio.
On air 20.6 - 17.7. These kind of RSL's have usually only 10-20 W power!
88.300 -1707- BUL: Radio Stara Zagora, Stara Zagora.
90.200 -1708- BUL: Radio Bella, Petrich.
91.900 -0630- LBN: Radio Al-Nour, Beirut. Later also on 91.7 with stronger signal. Lebanese also on 88.3 and 88.7 MHz.
92.900 -1713- GRC: Kiss FM, Athens.

94.600 -1730- GRC: Akroama FM, Serres.
95.800 -0630- JOR: Jordan Radio Main Programme, Amman. With RDS!

+ dozens of stations not listed now

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