Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wed 8.6.2011 - Nice Turkey-opening

On Wednesday-afternoon we had nice 50 minutes long opening to Istanbul and around. Luckily there were also stations up from Adapazari, Kocaeli and Gebze-cities, which made this more interesting. (Red= First time in Finland)
Conds started from Adapazari and moved slightly to Istanbul.
87.800 -1155- TUR: Radyo 34, Istanbul. Adapazari-tx. Later on 88.0 MHz.
88.200 -1158- TUR: Lalegül FM, Istanbul. Unlisted frequency. RDS. Also heard on 88.4 when area moved to Istanbul.
90.300 -1221- TUR: Kocaeli Radyo Sahin, Kocaeli (Mam). Jingle an ads.
91.600 -1231- TUR: 91.6 Türkiyenin Haber, Istanbul. Station gives id: "91.6 - Haber". Ex-Radyo 24.
91.700 -1237- + TUR: Radyo Gül, Gebze (Koc). RDS-id and adverts. Bulgarian went over just in a dramatic moment to have also audio-id.
94.000 1203- + TUR: R Aktif, Adapazari (Sak). My 3rd different Aktif from Turkey, but this is not a network.
94.500 -1157- + TUR: R Sakarya, Adapazari (Sak). Simple jingle between music.
95.400 -1136- + TUR: Gebze FM, Gebze (Koc). I got e-mail and sms-message from this station for my message of their signal in Finland!

Also IDed Viva, PAL FM, Kral Pop, Kral Türk etc.

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